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There’s were a name that appeared on this year’s anthology of label acts past and present. Which led to some (maybe a few who cared enough) to ask the question: “who the fuck are LAWMAN?

Apart from being a noisy, hardcore punk band (with smatterings of hip-hop here and there)

Though formed in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield and with a conscience dedicated to their experiences in the former steel mill town, that’s where parallels with other, larger Sheffield acts ends.

Rather than the laddish romps around the city, Liam Hunter (vocals, guitar), Sam Berg (drums) and Danny Turner (bass) talk about its underbelly instead.

For the trio, non-stop “seshing”, raves, mental health, crime and the lack of prospects for their peer group are themes marked within their work. Rather than a desolate take on those topics, they instead suggest listeners “march to your beat.”

The band’s single, “Behave”, first came to the attention of the label through its raucous, almost no-wave cacophony.

An opening blast of hardcore punk with a discordant break throughout, it cut through a large portion of punk that filtered through to MUZAI since the move to West Yorkshire (what some people claim is “the best” or “the real” Yorkshire…)

Their music video, shot by woodvisuals, accurately portrays the vivacity the band have brought to local audiences, including those who attended the band’s performances at Tramlines 2019 – where they played twice in the space of one night.

With Liam also involved in several other projects (including Special Pockets, as far removed from LAWMAN as possible), the group look to reconvene over the next few months to plot for their official debut through MUZAI Records.

Until then though, their single “Behave” is available now through all leading digital outlets.

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