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We here are MUZAI Records founded the label back in 2009 with one guiding A&R principle; “would a younger version of ourselves follow this band.” In the case of Who’d’ve Thunk?!, the answer is an overwhelming “yes.” There is a charm in Leeds’ musician Martin Hopwood’s work that hails back to the days of going to a function room in a small town, or seeing a band open in a smaller, cavernous space in a larger city, and picking up a lo-fidelity CD with a large amount of energy. It’s DIY punk – and we are proudly DIY. Or DIT – doing it together. Generation Extinct, the second release from the (currently) solo project, is steeped deeply in old punk records that influenced a generation of music listeners – ourselves included. Despite no longer owning a “Punkers” shirt. “My introduction to punk music was hearing the song “Brad Logan” by Rancid on the Chef Aid album and thinking “What the heck is this? Is there more music that sounds like this?” Hopwood discusses regarding the ‘90s production value. “I’d somehow found out about the album “…and out come the wolves” that was the first album I ever bought and found out about Epitaph, eventually finding out that, “Yes, there is more music that sounds like Rancid.” “So, this type of music has had a massive influence on me and will probably stay with me until I’m dead.”

Led off by the title track “Generation eXtinct”, now streaming from today (and accompanied by the tried and tested music video with free-use footage), the five track EP may have its heart firmly entrenched in those halcyon, Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarding soundtrack days but its head is very much socially/environmentally conscious. Conveying the sense of hopelessness he feels about climate change with “Generation eXtinct”, for example, leads to a conversation about a lack of options regarding recycling and the how even when options are available, not everything is “fully recycled.” “I cannot abide by the recklessness of the human race, but I don’t think that the problems lie with the general public. We are only able to access facilities provided to us to dispose of our waste and those in charge of these facilities are not at all interested in the welfare of the planet.” “Those who facilitate these companies and organisations don’t take steps to change or even govern these organisations.” Befitting of the environmental aspects of the release, the physical product- a bespoke CDR made in house at MUZAI Records with materials left over from previous releases – the item also feeds into memories of growing up and seeing punk bands live. The whole nostalgia of seeing a band by happenstance in a bar and picking up that home-made EP off the strength of their set alone was one of the defining reasons for MUZAI signing Who’d’ve Thunk?! We weren’t kidding about that A&R tactic. Generation Extinct is released October 15th 2021.

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