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Thicker Than Blood; new single from deathcore artist Baleful95

The catharsis that Baleful95 felt after the release of debut EP Grief is starting to wear off. A new outlet is needed in order to deal with the raft of infrastructural breakdown Britain seems to be going through.

Thicker Than Blood” is that release.

With the challenge set by MUZAI Records after the release of the warmly received EP to set about recording a debut album for the end of 2022.

With a clutch of singles already crafted during his downtime, Baleful95 has given himself enough space to complete the challenge. “Thicker Than Blood” is the first of three singles to be released over consecutive months, giving brief glimpses into what the full-length debut will offer at the close of 2022.

Opening with a frantic clash of blast beats and crushing, down-tuned guitars, “Thicker Than Blood” is the pacey element of Baleful95’s musical output. Generating that aggressive energy that so many of us have bubbling away in our heads.

Be it if you have an underlying mental health condition or just fed up with how the world works, but not sociopathic enough to articulate it in an unbridled fashion, let Baleful95’s newest work become that conduit that we all need.

A brief form of catharsis once again, in monthly prescribed dosages.

May cause hearing loss.

Thicker Than Blood is streaming now through all digital and streaming platforms.

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