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Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of those New Years’ resolutions after (hopefully) a festive meal; and those resolutions are usually to get fit and shed a few pounds (which you shouldn’t because you’re beautiful regardless of size.)

Struggles With Syntax ask though; why wait until then? Why not Workout With Syntax with the release of their latest music video, “Ticky.”

Coming off the juggernaut sound of “Jung Dreams”, “Ticky” is the lighter, fun track stemming from their debut album, Petrichor, and so the band felt the video had to match that playfulness

“The video was a mix of ideas from Ben” once-again editor Rory O’Connor explains, “and then built up with swerves and nudges from the rest of us. We wanted to make a sort of “anti-exercise” fitness video so everything is shot at half speed and then doubled up in the edit.”

“We definitely lean towards the abstract side of things. We want to present ourselves with a wry grin at things so there’s some absurdity in all the videos. Plus Jo’s lyrics are very abstract so at the back of my mind I’m always trying to present something that’s open to interpretation.”

With nine videos for the group in his portfolio, the self-confessed film and music video nerd looks to “recreate a visual idea or vibe from something I’ve seen, like aiming for a creepy Kubrick feel for “Jung Dreams” or visual juxtapositions in “Land Based Antics.””

With repeat support from Amazing Radio in the UK, and positive reviews so far for the band’s debut, it once again is their sardonic humor that becomes as much of a hook as their infectious verse riff.

Petrichor is out now through MUZAI Records.

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