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We’ve become so accustomed to video conferencing since the COVID-19 pandemic that the word “Zoom” no longer is just something found in the panels of comic books.

Much older than that though is the concept of “Monday Blues” – having had the weekend to unwind, get drunk and socialize only to find yourself trudging to work the start of the working week and counting down the hours until the weekend starts again.

Struggles With Syntax today release the final video from their smoldering EP, UK Garage Floor Fillers Vol. 4, with an ode to being furious and old; “Monday Bluez.”

Set within the confines of a video conferencing room, “Monday Bluez” sees a rotten and ill-tempered dinner party (or séance, adds vocalist Jo Jones) occurring in the mind of a “man-child on the cusp of wondrous failure.)

The song itself focuses on a low ebb and a kind of desperate outpouring of fury – like screaming into the abyss with a few tins of Special Brew in hand.

The video itself was meant to be released to launch the 2021 season of MUZAI Records on January 18th 2021. It was Blue Monday on that date however, so the band took a week to recover from the double dose of blues before finishing the video.

“Monday Bluez” marks the end of the band’s UK Garage Floor Fillers Vol. 4 chapter as they start to work towards a debut full lengther, whenever they get the chance to come together as a group and avoid another disastrous video meeting. Watch this space.

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