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With sharp-tongued, sardonic vocals akin to Future Of The Left and a melody that has had many of us return to Relationship Of Command era A The Drive-In, it feels like we’ve gone back to college when listening to “Land Based Antics.

Coincidentally, the relationship between the label and London outfit Struggles With Syntax started 19 years ago at a college. But that’s a story vocalist Jo Jones can regale journalists with. It also gives you an easy question to ask during interviews.

Fast forward a good decade and then some, and the group of Jo, Ben Humphreys (guitar, vocals), James Boote (bass) and Rory O’Connor (drums) have steadily been grinding away in London’s live scene pre-COVID. On occasion, the band have played further afield, notable the Music Hall in Ramsgate – the scene of their triumphant support slot for No Spill Blood and Raketkanon.

Taking their name from an idea Rory had regarding a student report card (and also what Google autocompletes when you type “Struggles With…”), the group have self-released two EPs prior to UK Garage Floor Fillers Vol. 4, the straightforwardly titled One and Too, their third endeavour caught MUZAI Record’s attention off the strength of “Lane Based Antics” alone.

Recorded predominantly at Gun Factory Studios by Ben Humphreys, UK Garage Floor Fillers Vol. 4 marked the first time the band recorded in a “traditional” manner. Rather than their previous technique of recording and emailing tracks to one another and producing on the fly, this most recent effort saw them gather under one roof and record live, followed by overdubs where required.

It was, in Jo Jones’ words, “a product of all four of us working together. We’re very proud of that.”

UK Garage Floor Fillers Vol. 4 comes out October 2nd 2020 on all leading digital platforms.

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