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“There are cameras nowadays that have been developed to tell the difference between a squirrel and a bomb” – George W Bush

“History tells us that squirrels exist, not only in our minds but also doing the parkour and drinking cheap whisky at charity galas and social events.” – Dominic Sullivan, director.

Striking the proverbial iron while it’s hot, London quartet Struggles With Syntax has released today their music video for Petrichor’s lead single, “Jung Dreams.”

Shot by Dominic Sullivan on a budget that consisted mainly of strong beer, edited by the band’s drummer Rory O’Connor and starring lead singer Jo Llewellyn-Jones, “Jung Dreams” is about growing up, the inevitable leaving behind of people and dreams, and the kind of betrayal that that represents.

“It’s also about looking back on a feral youth, wanting to relive it despite it not being in any way rose-tinted in your memory, but knowing you can’t and wouldn’t be able to handle it if you could” Llewellyn-Jones also divulges.

Featuring Mr. Thomas – a “creepy, baby-faced squirrel thing” – the music video follows an intimate dinner between the band’s vocalist and Mr. Thomas, which gets boozier further into the video, and therefore inhibitions are a lot looser.

Jo’s rantings towards Mr. Thomas, therefore, become a lot more heated and the room for interpretation in the video becomes more expansive.

Is Mr. Thomas a friend, a foe, or even real? Is the food poisoned or does chewing an unpeeled banana really cause that reaction? Why does Mr. Thomas eat raw garlic and does it actually pair well with whisky? If you peel a banana, is it still truly a banana?

You can now pre-save Petrichor on Spotify from today, by visiting the link here.

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