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Struggles With Syntax - Hand Of God

Updated: May 9

London regret-rockers Struggles With Syntax unveil their latest single today - "Hand Of God" - accompanied by a brand new music video.

Directed by Ryan Van Kessel and edited by Christian Kay, the esoteric cinematography involved in "Hand Of God" is a mark away from the sardonic, sometimes jovial videos of their last singles to emerge from their debut album, Petrichor.

Instead, much like the track itself, Van Kessel has managed to take the simple ideas of water and human interaction and subversively creates a video that suggest detachment between things (you can Rorschach what those things are yourself.)

The bitter vocals from Jo once again take a spotlight, but it's the melodic discordance created by James, Ben and Rory that really set the single up as a stand out from the album.

"Hand Of God" marks one of the final releases from the band's debut album and is a bridge to their forthcoming split single with fellow Londoner's Muscle Vest, due for release...

[Looks at watch]

Pretty soonish.

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