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MUZAI Records are pleased to announce the release of Shattered Pigs, Horses, Deer and Fish Carcasses, the debut EP from Japanese cybergrind duo Still 101, out today on cassette and on all digital platforms.

The band’s first single, “Genomu”, has been streaming on YouTube, taking the works of Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo: The Iron Man and reshaping elements of the movie to fit with the delinquent sounds from Still 101.

“We like the fact that Genomu was able to successfully combine pop and chaos."

For six years, the duo have been creating a blend of brutal grindcore riffs, breakneck drum beats that belong on a Berzerker record and an utterly ear-splitting cacophony of harsh noise akin to the likes of luminaries Hanatarash and Hijokaidan and all your other favourite Japanoise acts.

“We like intense, subversive music, and this is the result of our desire for something more intense and subversive” Hashiken explains.

“Horror films have also had a lot of influence on Still 101. I watched a lot of V-Cinema [a sometimes transgressive straight-to-VHS market in Japan – notable for helping break Takeshi Miike] horror from video rental stores at the time, so they influenced the imagery and soundtrack of the band.”

While the West has greeted Japanese acts such as Boredoms, Merzbow and the Fire Escape with open arms and furious notepad-writing influence, Sukazumi is quick to point out the overt Western influence on the modern Japanese noise rock scene.

“Early British punk is still an influence – The Clash and Sex Pistols – but the underground scene here also takes major influences from Discharge, Carcass, Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror. But the scene also draws influences from Psychic TV and Arto Lindsey.”

“It’s led to other cool bands in Japan like Mazona, Pain Jerk and Violent Onsen Geisha. It’s created a unique identity – like how Visual Kei is unique to Japan.”

Originally a trio that included a vocalist, Hashiken and Sukazumi belonged to the same music club while students, and while the name “Strange Death Squad” was floated, ultimately scholastic life provided the inspiration for their name.

“The room number for the music club was 101 – and I am still proud of that club. So we went with Still 101.”

Initially, a low-key release on their Bandcamp, Shattered Pigs, Deer, Horses and Fish Carcasses was picked up by British-based micro-label MUZAI Records for a wider release given the label's long-standing affinity for Japanese noise rock.

“We’ve been admirers of Still 101 since we first listened to their two-track demo” Benjii from MUZAI reveals. “So when we saw they released their new EP, and how incredibly chaotic it sounded, we knew we wanted to elevate this as much as possible for the pair.”

“It’s a great honour” Hashiken responds regarding joining the label. “We wanted to hear the opinions of complete strangers about our songs. We were very happy that MUZAI were interested in an unknown band from Japan and we wanted to work with them if they were interested in our music.”

Shattered Pigs, Horses, Deer and Fish Carcasses is available now through MUZAI Records.

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