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There’s a spitefulness that comes across post-punk group Muscle Vest’s single – part of a split release with fellow Londoner’s Struggles With Syntax, out today – but if the song title, “God Doesn’t Love You” didn’t convey that enough, lyrically it will.

Whereas the SWS boys based their side of the single "Feel Love" around wandering the borderlines of modern life drudgery and going "off-grid", Muscle Vest chose to focus more on the existentialist woes of the 21st century.

“It’s about middle-aged woes” Muscle Vest vocalist Dave Rogers comments. “Not owning shit, not liking other people’s kids, not having any money, not having a car, being able to see one’s breath in the flat they’re renting, having to stay inside all the time…”

And then it dawns on Rogers – “… wait… is all of this just me?”

No. It's not – Baleful95 would like a word (cross-posting in a press release. We've just done it.)

At the track's crushing finale, with the refrain "God doesn't love you, and neither do I", it becomes abundantly clear that this isn't just a case of a misanthropic southerner. Secretly, it's what many have felt since lockdown ended and the height of personal entitlement bleeds into the general lack of common sense and common courtesy seen everywhere.

Mainly Tik Tok and The Independent, in all their rage-baiting “glory.”

Plans for a Struggles With Syntax/Muscle Vest split first emerged when respective vocalists Jo Jones and Rogers covertly discussed the idea of both bands working together given their long-standing affinity to each other. “It also meant they wouldn’t have to carry anything for the duration of the collaboration, and the rest of the band members fell in line soon after.”

“We realised we were the only two guitar bands currently operating in and around London – so recording a split single was a no-brainer. This was shortly before, however, we realised that there were in fact several other guitar bands currently operating in and around London.”

“But by then, it was too late. We had already entered into a gentlemanly agreement that we would share a tape with one another. As was the style at the time.”

“And then someone who works at MUZAI had a few blank tapes knocking about from a car-boot sale they were meant to attend but didn’t due to bad weather and they thought, well, why not use them for a disgusting noise-rock split instead?”

We attest – it was a particularly drizzly day.

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