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MUZAI Records are pleased to announce the release of Stuff Galore, the newest work from genre-tripping duo Murina, out December 3rd 2021 on cassette and digital services.

Taking their name from the Finnish word for “growl”, Martina (bass, vocals) and Laura (drums) took up the mantle as it was “everything we wanted; easy to remember, pronounce, aggressive and a representation of our music.”

Currently based in Barcelona, with ties to Italy and Finland, the pair met through Martina’s advert for a drummer on Facebook; as fate would have it, not only did Laura answer but the two found a lot of common ground.

“We had a beer, we jammed, and discovered we had a similar taste in music, attitude and dreams” Martina explains. “It was a kind of astral connection.”

Those musical similarities included some female-focused acts (L7, Babes In Toyland, Sonic Youth) and the explosion of collegiate rock from the ‘90s (yep… we mean grunge), but as Stuff Galore illustrates, it’d be far too lazy to cite them as riot grrrl band; especially given that the members were in stoner-grunge and “evil pop” acts prior to Murina.

As Martina puts it: “we grew up listening to those bands, so it’s part of our rock ‘n’ roll self-consciousness. But we’re also fans of Fugazi, Big Black, Gang Of Four (…) we don’t think we can be classified as ‘one genre’ – we move through moments of punk, noise rock, experimental and yes there are some stoner elements there too.”

“But as opposed to the glossy bubblegum, we suppose we are a grunge act” Laura confirmed.

Those genre shifts are evident throughout the short yet succinct EP; the title track, now streaming on MUZAI Records’ Soundcloud from today, is an unruly roar of punk acrimony; “it´s quite representative of the band because it´s short, furious, and straight to the point” they both remark.

Yet, when “Sun Sun” commences immediately afterward, the pair venture into the realms of desert/stoner rock with hints of Kim Gordon-led Sonic Youth tracks.

“Our songwriting is very spontaneous” Laura clarifies regarding those influences. “Most of those connections (to their previous work, Wave The Brain) are unintentional. “Sun Sun” in fact was the result of Martina listening to a lot of Radiohead that week and the melody emerged from a beat I was trying out.”

“Wave The Brain is probably the easier listen, and with Stuff Galore we experimented more with structure and time signatures. There’s also that difference between songs – two are more longer and melodic (“Sun Sun”, “Why Are We?”) compared to our typical two-minute slap in the face.”

Having performed predominantly in their home base of Barcelona, including a hypnotic set at AMFest in 2020, Murina’s release of Stuff Galore is their tentative steps to start gathering steam outside of Spain. “We started the project before the pandemic, so once Spain shut down we decided to research and contact labels” Martina details. “I was checking new arrivals on Bandcamp and saw the latest release of Horror In Clay. I liked it a lot so I decided to check the rest of MUZAI back catalog: Fatangryman, Faux Machismo, Girls Pissing on Girls, Kitsunegari to name a few.”

“Those bands (and ours) are all very different but have the same goal, to sound free and loud.”

STUFF GALORE is available digitally and on cassette tape through MUZAI Records from December 3rd2021.

FFO: Kyuss, Sonic Youth, L7, Babes In Toyland,

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