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FEEEL Sessions: Barcelona duo Murina to release new live album in September through MUZAI Records

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You can forgive Barcelona based duo Murina for having a summer holiday this year; their June was packed with television performances, gigs and a final music video from their most recent EP, Stuff Galore.

If you somehow missed Junio Murina, then allow Laura, Martina and ourselves at MUZAI Records to remind you of how busy they were - with the band set to release their FEEEL Sessions on Bandcamp this month

A fantastic artifact demonstrating why you should watch the band perform live (and there’s going to be an opportunity for that in September), the live EP collates some of Murina’s older works from Stuff Galore, Wave The Brain and their self titled debut with brand new songs yet to be committed to record.

That includes the Kim Gordon-esque Girls Are Heavy, streaming now through MUZAI’s Soundcloud page; the duality of Martina’s vocals switching between sultry and smooth to acerbic throughout the new single.

A statement rather than a suggestion, Girls Are Heavy showcases the band at their seething best with a reserved anger that on more than one occasion erupts into a grungy tantrum.

The live release is an introduction into what to expect from the duo in the (hopefully) not too distant future, Girls Are Heavy is joined by Wild City Human Sick and Lovelong, alongside favorites Sun Sun, Why Are We and Stuff Galore.

FEEEL Sessions will be released very shortly before the band perform at Barcelona’s La Soterrània on September 30 2022, as part of the venue's curated programme of events for the remainder of the year.

FEEL Sessions will be released through MURINA’s Bandcamp on September 29 2022.

Who are Murina?

Taking their name from the Finnish word for “growl”, Martina (bass, vocals) and Laura (drums) took up the mantle as it was “everything we wanted; easy to remember, pronounce, aggressive and a representation of our music.”

Currently based in Barcelona, with ties to Italy and Finland, the pair met through Martina’s advert for a drummer on Facebook; as fate would have it, not only did Laura answer but the two found a lot of common ground.

“We had a beer, we jammed, and discovered we had a similar taste in music, attitude and dreams” Martina explains. “It was a kind of astral connection.”

Those musical similarities included some female-focused acts (L7, Babes In Toyland, Sonic Youth) and the explosion of collegiate rock from the ‘90s (yep… we mean grunge), but as it would be far too lazy to cite them as riot grrrl band; especially given that the members were in stoner-grunge and “evil pop” acts prior to Murina.

As Martina puts it: “we grew up listening to those bands, so it’s part of our rock ‘n’ roll self-consciousness. But we’re also fans of Fugazi, Big Black, Gang Of Four (…) we don’t think we can be classified as ‘one genre’ – we move through moments of punk, noise rock, experimental and yes there are some stoner elements there too.”

“But as opposed to the glossy bubblegum, we suppose we are a grunge act” Laura confirmed.

Where can I follow Murina?

Murina on Instagram

Murina on Facebook

Murina on Spotify

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