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With so many layers and permeations throughout its creation, Murina’s brand new video, “Eulogy”, is “(…) like kaleidoscopic chaos” according to Martina de Lugnani – vocalist and bassist from the band.

“I had this footage of Laura and me walking among the ruins of an abandoned building.

I loved the aesthetics, so I decided that was the core of the video. Then I started to add randomly more elements in order to blend images together and suggest new stories: us, my son, nature and symbols etcetera” Martina explains.

Marking her music video debut, “Eulogy” draws inspiration from the celluloid aesthetics of Harmony Korine, Richard Kern and early Sonic Youth videos. The washed-out, fragmented nature of its editing follows the idea of “free interpretation links between lyrics, images and music” and the band’s past 12 months, pre and post-EP release.

The nostalgia trip was not intentional, however. “I wasn’t looking to do that – that was unintentional” Martina admits. “The artistic work becomes a record itself of the time you spent making it.”

“I started and paused the making of the video for half a year. Every time I thought I was finished, I changed my mind again. That’s why there are so many fragmentations throughout the video.”

“But the video is a eulogy in the end – a eulogy to our lifestyle and loved ones. Which is why in the end the video ends up destroying itself in a multitude of colours and broken layers.”

The release of “Eulogy” coincides with a busy month of June for the duo; having featured on the Spanish music programme FEEEL and interviewed by Sin Bandera Radio, Martina and Laura finish off their Junio Murina (#juniomurina) opening for Cocaine Piss on June 19th at VOL.

“We were supposed to play with Tricot but the show was unfortunately cancelled, but the fantastic people at Aloud Music offered us the gig with Cocaine Piss… and we feel the match-up is a pretty powerful one.”

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