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When we said earlier in the year that Detroit experimental electronic artist King Shoji was prolific, we weren’t joking. We were surprised ourselves when the enigmatic noise-maker sent us a message on social media regarding a new collection of works.

We were also overjoyed, mind you.

Vortex, scheduled for release May 29th on compact disc and the ever-present digital formats, is a nine-track “suite” of works crafted throughout a year locked-down in the United States. Meant to be listened to as “whole” work rather than in “parts”, both the artist and ourselves were keen to offer a glimpse into the forthcoming release.

What many would refer to as a “single”.

untitled [8]” is perhaps the best means of giving the listener the opportunity to be informed what the latest works from King Shoji entail; less of the harsh analogue noise from Black Rainbow Machine and more of the experimental/IDM moments from the artist’s vast (very vast) discography he has amassed.

Alternatively, you could say it’s less Merzbow and more Aphex Twin. To keep things short and sweet.

But “untitled [8]” impresses more of the influences, both musically and pop-culturally, that King Shoji ascribes to. 80’s VHS horror and grindhouse titles, with John Carpenter a definite influence across the album as a whole and those unnerving, eerie synth stabs akin to Riz Ortolani‘s Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack.

Wholly more accessible than the harsh noise of his previous album, Vortex still retains that sense of unease you will shortly come to appreciate more from the diverse, bountiful musician.

Vortex is scheduled for release May 29th 2020.

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