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There has been a consistent body of work that has emerged from Detroit based musician King Shoji from 2017. Throughout this pantheon of releases, the artist has experimented with ambient, techno and drone aesthetics (to name a mere few).

However, it is the advent of their newest work, Black Rainbow Machine, which has led the musician to work with MUZAI Records – his independent debut intertwining with the label’s first true outing in the world of harsh noise.

“Green House”, the first track from King Shoji’s forthcoming album, was chosen to introduce many to the analogue works by virtue of it’s more “accessible” nature… for many aficionados of the genre, at least.

The hypnotic experimental electronics track manages to create a hypnotic, unusual euphoria with its monotonously rhythmic pulse as the static washes throughout layer an additional beat on top of additional beats, building into a furious crescendo of white noise and feedback.

Its beauty lay in its ugliness/transgression; like standing in a thunderstorm and staring into the sky, for some people its weird on a purely superficial level. But if you were to lose yourself in the downpour there is something wonderful about the visceral, uncompromising electricity within the air.

Yep. We are that pretentious we are comparing Shoji’s single to the wonders of being caught in the rain. It’s the reason people use the word “subjective” to defend music other people don’t like/understand/”get.”

Black Rainbow Machine was recorded live by King Shoji, a continuation of how their other works have been captured, on machines that in their words “program King Shoji as I program them.”

Fittingly, the 11 track album will be contained on re-purposed cassette tape as a physical item (in a limited quantity – a proper limited quantity rather than 250 of something) and the ubiquitous digital format from April 3rd 2020.


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