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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Once more acting as a moderator between the machines set up to create their own works, King Shoji‘s prolific works throughout 2020 continue with the release of “Fear Chemical Exiled”, the first track from the Detroit based artist’s double album CHERUB/DEMON.

Pulsating throughout its six-plus minutes, “Fear Chemical Exiled” (SoundCloud link) represents the first side of Shoji’s nineteen track odyssey, CHERUB, which focuses on the more ambient experimental side of the techno-organic works the artist has created/curated (delete as appropriate.)

Akin to Shoji’s methodology when it comes to creating his work (letting the machines have a sense of autonomy in dictating where the compositions take the listener – King Shoji included), designer Urethra Franklin edited together a video for the track where the visualizations were informed by the frequencies of the track.

The result is a composition and a piece of visual art that rather than being constrained by man-made ideas is instead influenced by hardware and software. A techno-organic work once again where the human elements are dictated by machines – not quite to the extent of allow algorithms to complete everything but very close in terms of the video.


CHERUB/DEMON came to fruition during a waiting period for CHERUB’s release date amidst COVID-19 lockdowns and an uncertainty what position MUZAI Records should take in releasing music. Shortly before it’s release, King Shoji had completed DEMON, a series of splatterpunk power-electronic works that also warranted the light of day.

The compromise was a 19 track double album which played with the idea of demonstrating the varied noise works King Shoji manages to create, juxtaposing two different styles of experimental electronic (ambient experimental, power electronics) to further highlight how diverse the Detroit musician’s output can be.

CHERUB/DEMON also marks a chance for MUZAI Records to experiment themselves with releasing on a Minidisc format, because we are suckers for dead, ill-affordable formats.

CHERUB/DEMON is release October 23rd 2020 digitally and on a limited Minidisc run.

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