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An independent label debut by a musician with a prolific catalogue of works on Bandcamp already, “Black Rainbow Machine” serves as King Shoji’s salutation to new sonic explorers and a reminder to stalwarts they’re still here.

Recorded from December 2019 to January 2020 at the, quote, “Central Control Centre for Alien Communication”, BRM (as its colloquially known around our parts) is a harsh noise work that manages to both capture the noise wall elements that have emerged from an aggressive musical genre and the hypnotic moments one can associate with either krautrock or ambient noise. Depending on your persuasion to either genre.

Having already stunned (nee: dumbfounded) audiences in mid-February with the release of “Green House” and it’s accompanying, psych-glitch video, BRM has moments that capture musical adventurers from a number of different “transgressive” scenes; the pulsating riff of “Blind Shoe Salesman Dance” akin to Lightning Bolt, the crushing walls of “Dynavox Model 10” to Nic Endo’s solo work and the horrific static drones of Blast Furnace akin to Hanatarash, Incapacitants and Merzbow (we would be remiss to omit Merzbow.)

Recorded, engineered and mixed by King Shoji.

Machines used: Behringer Neutron, Isnt’ses Fort Processor, Bastl Kastle, Bastl Microgranny, Proco Rat, EF Drone Thing, Deadbeat Modulation Station, Deadbeat Void, Muku Looper, Korg Monotron, Korg Volca Kick, Caline Time Space Delay, EHX Attack Decay, Boss SD-1, TC Brainwaves, Microphone.

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