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In a current climate of hostility, aggression, anger and frustration, young Christchurch, New Zealand musician Finlay Anderson a.k.a Internet Death has managed to capture this rage into an incredibly antagonistic 10 tracks with Not Your Dog!

Impressively, such an astute collection of rave-­‐influenced songs, akin to the likes of Atari Teenage Riot or Jilted Generation era Prodigy, have been honed long since the advent of gabber techno and happy hardcore.

Still in his teenage years, Internet Death has deftly orchestrated beats that would make even seasoned ravers who first discovered those Dutch dance producers back in the early nineties stand to attention.

As they would Messrs Alec Empire, Nic Endo and James Euringer (Mindless Self Indulgence.)

Having informed listeners of his move into this abrasive digital hardcore that Not Your Dog!bestows upon the listener off the back of 2019’s Mega Sony Death Kill, Anderson has moved away from the more fluid bouncy techno and into the speedcore camp.

With a frightening accuracy for someone born a good five to ten years after it’s advent, we’re happy to confess as a label. Look no further than the most recent single from the album, “Name Of The Law!” – a pounding anthem that has sensibilities from both that rave and rock camp.

Contemptuous in its execution as it is in its message, Anderson’s raw, angry vocals over what he calls “dirty punk-­‐rave beats” is managing to resonate with a wave of disenchanted younger people across New Zealand.

Without costing any element of danceable quality either – this is still the kind of music that would fill the dance-­‐floors with a formidable amount of energy.

For the most part, Not Your Dog! plays with beats clocking in around 200bpm to elevate his musical assertiveness. As Finlay describes his work, “when it comes to tempo, minimal equals criminal.”

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