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Without fanfare or warning, Auckland’s post-punk (we’ll call it that) group Horror In Clay have returned with their latest of a series of abject symphonies released digitally; “Satan In The Teletext.“

Once again taken from a recording session with Aonghas Jones (Ave Teth), “Satan In The Teletext” is pretty much everything you expect and want from a Horror In Clay track.

Jagged, bitter guitar riffs? Check. Bedevilled, unsettling melodies from the intertwined vocals? Check. That pounding rhythm section that’s only surpassed in its intensity by the pounding of anxiety in your chest? Oh most definitely so.

But as with a great all of Horror In Clay’s output over the past year, “Satan In The Teletext” manages to have a “grotesque” allure to it – which becomes more absorbing for a listener than gruelling.

#artrock #horrorinclay #postpunk

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