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The roar of discordant guitars, the anguished yells and fractious vocals alongside that primal, tight, foreboding rhythm section…

It has to be a set of Horror In Clay songs, doesn’t it?

Who else could create such unflinching, disquieted sonic territories one moment and yet manage to foster enough benevolence to create an amenable – if not still quite chilling – effort the next?

Answers on a postcard, please.

That “amenable” work comes in the form of “Bring Out Your Dead”, the first single from Live From Toad Hall that manages to shoehorn itself partly in the realms of shoegaze and partly in the realms of dream-pop.

Perception being how it is though, you can decide amongst your editorial team how you want to define Horror In Clay. We’re just giving you suggestions. Vocalist/guitarist Casey Latimer describes the sound as “post-punk/pop with one of those Limp Bizkit DJ type scenarios in the mix.”

Live From Toad Hall encompasses the works that were previously released as stand-alone singles with two unreleased efforts from their previous recording sessions with Aonghas Jones, who also mixed the majority of the EP (sans the latest single.)

Some of the tracks you may be familiar with (“T.U.X”, “Burnt Hands”), but as Casey from the band is quick to point out “they’ve been mastered with more flash.”

Going through the finishing touches from Remi Salvador at Evergreen Mastering, there is a touch of familiarity when listening to Live From Toad Hall, if you’re a long-time follower of the band and the label.

And you would be correct in being aware of that familiarity – Salvador helmed mastering duties on GPOGP’s (Google it) near iconic works Scrying In Infirmary Architecture, Songs of Sodomy & The Compost of Aethyr and their split with Log Horn Breed.

“Remi hit me up years ago,” Casey mentions, “and was into what we were up to. He is very excellent so we hit him up on doing this.”

With artwork as distinctive of a feature for Horror In Clay as much as the music itself, a physical release of Live From Toad Hall will see the ever-popular cassette format revealed alongside an art book featuring works from the band members.

“I think the art and music influence goes both ways for me involved in the art process” Casey explains. “But overall it’s just collating what feels right to the end product. We found all these photos books in the trash and decided to pimp them out and thought they’d go well alongside a cassette.”

“It all comes together at the last minute somehow.”

LIVE FROM TOAD HALL releases June 4th 2021 through MUZAI Records worldwide.

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