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Artwork: Charlotte Gallichan-Stewart.

Caustic post-punk and Horror In Clay; name a better combination.

Returning to the digital forefront during New Zealand’s lockdown (with the addition of new member George Aitkins), the band release a new offering from their last recording sessions with Aonghas Jones. Just in time for Bandcamp Day and New Zealand Music Month.

Throttling the listener in little over two minutes, “Burnt Hands” manages throughout its hostility to be rather operatic; the steely drum beat almost like a war march, the dual vocals throughout contrast one another – commanding, spiteful shouts between the prophetic, sedated melodies. 

… and with a guitar riff/tone that has become recognizable to fans of Horror in Clay and the previous entity Casey Latimer has been involved in (don’t make us mention it. You know who it was), the whole thing should create a welcome familiarity to long-time students of MUZAI.

But if you’re new to the band, fortune rewards the curious. Just be wary of that caution if you’re of a weak disposition.

“Burnt Hands” is another testament to the sheer antagonistic nature of the band’s music. It’s utterly beautiful in all its piss-and-vinegar, macabre glory.

Burnt Hands” is out now on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Cool your jets though, it’ll end up on other digital platforms within the early part of May.

Soundcloud Version for those who don’t like embedding Bandcamp into their websites:

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