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Across Europe, we’re coming out of the cold, cheerless Winter into Spring; the climate thawing out, the crisp mornings that get a little lighter and the greenery of nature starts to prod through from a frost-bitten hibernation. It’s that sense of optimism and tranquillity that producer Friggen invokes throughout his debut EP, Naiv. Super., due for release through MUZAI Records from March 5t2021. Ahead of the album, some of that hopefulness is displayed through the release of Friggen’s title track and it’s subsequent video, created by Isabelle Girardon, out today on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Having spent time drumming for a host of bands in his homeland of Sweden (from indie rock, pop, folk and funk to jazz and kletzmer projects), it was the interest of looking at using synths as voices in a choir that led to the creation of Friggen. Assembling his large collection of analog synths (and there are a fair few), those choral elements are used to convey the messages/moods in Friggen’s work.

Be it the bittersweet “Naiv. Super”, the solemn, peaceful “Gråt inte” or the jubilant, elated opener, “Det kommer bli så bra, så bra” – translated into English, “it will be so good, so good.” “There are incredibly good songwriters here in Sweden, and because it’s such a cold and dark country, there is a lot of melancholy and sadness in pop as well as electronic music” Friggen explains regarding the glass fragility that befalls the EP at times. Friggen’s environment has, understandably, informed his compositions across a year working under this nom de guerre. “The great plains where I grew up, the forests and mountains of Laponia” he explains led to the serene aspect of Naiv. Super. “[Listeners] should be transported and get a meditative feeling of being far away, or high in the air” he continues. “Feelings like hope, comfort and perfect imperfection. It’s in the cracks that the light comes in, right?” “For me, its important listeners acquire their own perception and meaning in the music, however.”

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