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Those boys from Otumoetai and Christchurch (New Zealand) have been very prolific since their last outing with MUZAI Records. Five EP’s worth, in fact…

The last time we in the Northern Hemisphere heard from Tim (guitars/vocals/samples now) and David (drums/vocals/a damn good BBQ) was back in September 2018. EP 4 / Noise Crack saw the band experimenting a little more with being poppier in their execution of Shellac/Butthole Surfers style noise.

We owed that due to the popularity of Listening Will Cause Death, but we’re a record label; we’ve never claimed to be infallible or know everything. It’s part of the fun.

As it stands, the pair have gone back into the shed to experiment with a clutch of programmed sample and electronic aspects. The results in their full form appearing on EP 9 / If we were biology.

… and if you’re better at math than we are, you’ll work out there have been a staggering five EPs between our last fairing with them.

In the immortal struggle this day and age as to what to listen to next, we sat down, listened to the last five EPs and picked what we felt were the most accurate representation of the band’s output in the last 12 months.

Simply titled Flogging A Dead One Horse Town, the six-track hors d’oeuvre takes tracks from EP 5, 8 and 9 to highlight the best parts of the duo.

The melodic, concrete-laden noise that the band forged their musical exploits upon during their formative years (“Meteorite Debris”, “Dork Tomahawk”), their move into the longer-form, industrialized komische Musik (the single “Romantic Duck Salad: Part A – Glazed) and their present-day toyings with samples and synths (the mammoth 9+ minute “For relief, I turn to back to the folds of my trousers”.)

The band themselves will house the full-length back catalogue of EPs on their respective Bandcamp page, meanwhile, the compilation will be available on streaming services and short-run cassette from November 1st 2019.

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