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Returning to your audible senses once again amidst the tumultuous year that is 2020, “For Daze” is Faux Machismo‘s overt nod to their grunge influences with it’s loud-quiet-loud dynamic and lingering, melancholic vocals.

Which, if after you’ve listened to this you want to go back and listen to “In Utero”, you wouldn’t be blamed for doing so.

Written by the two-piece in late 2019, the song muses the lyricist’s sense of isolation and hopelessness that was once felt.

Yet, as they persevered throughout the pains of growing up, they’ve arrived at a point where they can reflect on what they’ve accomplished many years later.

As part of a furious trilogy of songs, having started with the aggressive indignation of “Dopamine” and a future, vitriol fuelled single regarding Artemisia Gentileschi, “For Daze” is the drained middle ground between emotions that many of us might be feeling at this juncture.

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