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The music business is at the best of times a fluid industry and at others in a state of flux. With the pandemic that’s taken place throughout 2020, do bands roll the dice to release something full length or pull back from those larger-scale efforts?

In the curious case of Leeds duo Faux Machismo, what started as the follow up to their home-recorded EP back in 2019 has now ended up as a series of singles to tide listeners until the end of the year.

Taken from a series of recording sessions with Chris Mulligan (Dilettante, Climbing Alice, Treeboy & Arc), “Dopamine” was chosen as the lead-off track from those efforts given its general turbulent loud-quiet-loud dynamic akin to the grunge movement they draw some influence from.

Its unsettled, dour refrains throughout channel the sentiments throughout the song – that of mankind through its ceaseless drive for progression, financial gain and power is effectively destroying both itself and earth.

The chorus paints a stark image of Gaia, planet earth – being sucked dry, humans effectively poisoning their own mother’s milk.

The music video, created by drummer Anna Ridley, manages to capture “a crescendo of anxiety, with glimmers of hope for the left. Spliced together images intended to sum up the events of 2020 (so far) are aggressively glitched and tampered with. They are angry, and they want us to get angry too.”

Dopamine” is available now through all leading digital outlets.

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