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FADOHT - EP 14 - SOME BASTARDS: EP release date and new single.

It just wouldn’t be a year in MUZAI if Kiwi post-punk duo Flogging A Dead One Horse Town didn’t release an EP. Some Bastards, the 14th EP from the group, is one of two you can expect in 2022.

Recorded once again by Dave and Tim in a wool shed-turned-home studio in the murkier areas of New Zealand (well, Tauranga anyway), EP 14 is a return to the more traditional post-punk roots of the band than the eccentric, eclectic noise that newer audiences may be familiar with.

You only need to listen to the first single from the EP, “Steve”, premiering on Destroy//Exist from Friday, July 22, to recollect the band’s output prior to their breakthrough compilation, Flogging A Dead One Horse Town, that made the rounds back in 2019.

This zeitgeist might be due to the addition of a third member to Flogging A Dead One Horse Town during these recording sessions – Mitch Shannon, who not only contributed guitar to the four tracks to give it that angular, post-punk sound, but also provided the artwork for the release.

“Shannon? Is he any relation to old Dave?” we hear you ask? Why yes – Mitch is the offspring of Dave, alongside a musician in another New Zealand group, Eddie and The Dreamers.

So it’s two generations of Otumoetai lads, a long-standing friendship that has held up over the decades and some lo-fidelity, corroded post-punk that we are just happy to once again release.

If you so happen to be in the North Island, the band will be celebrating the release the following day, as part of Your Enabler’s annual Loserpalooza charity festival, occurring August 20th 2022.

EP 14 – Some Bastards is released August 19th 2022 on all leading digital/streaming services.

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