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It’s been ten years since Dave and Tim first formed Flogging A Dead One Horse Town, and yet it feels like it’s only in later years has their hard work finally been noticed.

Yet in November, the band look to continue their prolific nature with EP 10, Old Scum and EP 11, Sly Flogging while filling in some of the historical gaps from the inter-island duo through their documentary, 10 Year Flog!

Their previous release through MUZAI Records, Flogging A Dead One Horse Town, earned the band well deserved/long overdue plaudits with “Meteorite Debris” earning a spot on Amazing Radio’s playlist and a sell-out run of repurposed cassette tapes.

Instead of condensing releases down again and breaking track listings up, the band have decided to release two EPs in the space of a week to ensure the pacing of the tracks in their intended order further demonstrates the bands organic, spontaneous approach to capturing and recording the creativity in Dave’s shed.

UZAI Records · Flogging A Dead One Horse Town – Considered Mania

Old Scum showcases the band’s further immersion into the more leftfield aspects of post-punk and noise-rock. “Considered Mania”, the first track released from the band’s tenth EP embraces it’s krautrock, monotonic drum beats and cold, sharp guitar riffs and overriding industrialized sheen through samples and ominous soundscapes.

Sly Flogging is the band’s more experimental compositions – playing with a lo-fidelity quality to their recordings but using this murky effect to allow grow into moments closer to math-rock stalwarts Polvo and Arab on Radar.

Subverting any pre-conceived notions that may have been born from their cassette tape release, Sly Flogging is the more daring of the two – which is saying something.

The eve of both releases, the band reveal their secret/mostly unknown history from meeting at a sports club to their work despite living island apart with a live stream of 10 Year Flog.

Recorded shortly before and during a nationwide lockdown in New Zealand, the band captured footage through conventional video cameras to shared videos via. WhatsApp to create an almost Lynchian, nightmarish musical documentary that is as engrossing as it is disorientating.

10 Year Flog will then be MUZAI Records attempt to toss their hat in the ring to capture that sweet, sweet Christmas Season money by releasing the documentary for general retail – on the long-overlooked, long overdue a comeback VHS format. No remnants on YouTube or any other streaming platform (unless someone bootlegs and torrents it…)

EP 10 – Old Scum is released November 20th 2020 EP 11 – Sly Flogging is released November 27th 2020. 10 Year Flog! screens on YouTube: Thursday, November 19th – 7am GMT Thursday, November 19th – 7pm GMT Thursday, November 26th – 8pm GMT

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