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PR theory stipulates that either shortly before or shortly after the release of a new record from an artist, that a second single is released to remind the press of an impending release. So we read in “Music PR for Dummies.” Consider this then that secondary push for Leicester/Leeds quartet Dusker, with their latest single “Quality Papers”, now streaming ahead of this Friday’s (August 28t2020)  release of “EP 2.”

UZAI Records · Dusker – Quality Papers

An emotive, loud-quiet-loud cut from their four-track cassette, “Quality Papers” is Dusker’s magnum opus from their new work.

Befitting their forerunners Cap’n Jazz and Rites of Spring, the longest piece of the record is by no means meandering into nowhere – it’s concise, powerful… emotional. Did we mention it’s emotive yet? “EP 2” has already seen coverage at home and abroad – BBC Radio Nottingham featured first single “Leo” on their Introducing show, along with airplay from freeform radio show Aural Delights.

Japanese blog Warszawa and UK based music website Backseat Mafia have also featured the band, with Craig Young from Backseat Mafia going as far as to say the EP “… take(s) you right back to the late 90s (…) Exceptional punk vocals and drenched in delicious feedback.”


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