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Idle hands are the devil’s tools, so the saying goes. So what does one do when they’re currently living in lock-down during a pandemic when the video games become boring and the daily 30 minute exercise has been completed?

They look like they decide to make cut and paste electronica – or “jerkwave”, as MUZAI Records once again gets creative how to describe music. For DuhkQunt, it’s a descriptor that works.

Given the cut and paste nature of their forthcoming EP, simply called DuhkQunt, there is a jerky quality to the sound; akin to a well worn VHS tape that’s undergoing some tracking in a VCR.

“West Mansion”, the first single released today, was pulled together one bored evening playing around with a Google Play app (Groovepad – credit where credit is due) and influenced Namco classic Splatterhouse. It became the nucleus for DuhkQunt to tick the box on their personal goal list – make an EP.

By their own admission, the whole affair sounds sloppily put together, but the point of an EP is to experiment with sounds and what works and what doesn’t. Right?

Having grown weary of staring at a mobile phone screen, the collective then moved to use iMac”s and sourcing samples from different areas – anime, Paddy Considine, Hideo Kojima – and piled everything into four tracks that share some similarities and yet different enough that the listener doesn’t feel like they’re listening to the same song four times in a row.

Which is stating the obvious…

DuhkQunt aren’t astute enough to go “all in” with culture hacking; they’re not creating plunderphonics and aren’t going to change the world with sound collages. They are not Negativland, John Oswald or Cassetteboy.

But they are influenced in part by DJ Yoda, Front Line Assembly and an unhealthy diet of popular culture.

Everyone stars somewhere. DuhkQunt start here – DMCA requests to promo@muzairecords.com. No doubt they’ll get them.

DuhkQunt is released through Bandcamp on April 20th 2020.

SoundCloud embed for those who aren’t on the Bandcamp buzz (for shame.)

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