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We have been pleasantly surprised by the attention that our resident, sardonic “electronic music” producer DuhkQunt has received upon the release of their second EP – simply titled II.

After getting a few spins on local radio in the United Kingdom and some attention from bands/websites in the West Yorkshire area, the emboldened cut-and-paste jerkwaver decided to work with another MUZAI regular, Urethra Franklin, to create an actual music video (rather than a visualizer, akin to “Substance” and your summertime jam “Wandering Drift.)

The Catastrophe” incorporates gameplay footage from one of DuhkQunt’s biggest influences across both II and the self-titled debut; Hideo Kojima’s cyberpunk classic, Snatcher.

“I ended up doing a playlist for MUZAI’s monthly Spotify playlist, which had a lot of John Carpenter and Konami soundtracks. I’m a creature of habit” they emailed (we don’t have a phone number for DuhkQunt.)

“I’m a massive Hideo Kojima fan. The Metal Gear series, Policenauts and Snatcher – they’ve all been an influence on the cutting, pasting, sampling and even aesthetic of this project.”

“The first EP had a song “Junker” about the main character’s occupation in Snatcher; this track gives listeners a backstory why junkers are a thing.”

“It’s also been a massive excuse to replay the game” DuhkQunt continues. “I shot a whole bunch of footage to Urethra Franklin and told him to make it not just about the game, but also make it about a tired, exhausted private eye. Like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner, almost.”

Pressed as to why the new EP hasn’t made it on a physical format yet, DuhkQunt bounced the question back to us. We’ve been lazy was our response.

“That’s cool. Some people have a tape and a CD version is floating around. It’s all prep though for the next EP, Space Communion. So don’t mess about and commit that to some archaic physical for in the future.”

II is available now on all leading streaming platforms.

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