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Sleeper hits don’t get any sleepier than the last release from Leeds based “musician”, DuhkQunt. It’s the Rip Van Winkle of MUZAI Records releases over the past few three years.

More of a project to check something off their bucket list, it seemed more people than anticipated actually enjoyed DuhkQunt II – Duhk Harder as the video-game inspired music videos (particularly the works of Hideo Kojima) picked up a few plays.

Not thousands, but that was never the point of DuhkQunt.

“It was more of the case that I’d never released an EP before,” the self-confessed “jerkwaver” admit (jerkwave implying a tongue-and-cheek take on the cut-and-paste electronic DuhkQunt creates.)

“I started messing around with some samples on a few apps on my phone which friends liked. That evolved into creating a second EP with some more different approaches and a bit more of a refined, artistic presence. In particular, a lot of it was a love letter to Hideo Kojima of Snatcher and Metal Gear fame.”

“That my good friends enjoyed it and seeing it on their Spotify playlists was good enough. To be honest, releasing it was good enough. That some dope people in Leeds got into it and championed some stuff on Instagram was amazing and then getting some airplay and reviews of the singles – it was more than I expected.”

Expectations have been high at MUZAI Records in the run up to DuhkQunt’s third release, Space Communion, especially as the musician went into the creation of the record with a concept in mind.

“My wife and I joked one night about the name Space Communion and from that this idea evolved of creating a record that thematically was based around a protagonist on a voyage into space – from lift off to floating through the cosmos and finally discovering a new, habitable planet.”

“I know – it’s a completely pretentious take. But given the cyberpunk nature of the last EP, it felt right.”

Space Communion was first announced with the release of the video “Violence WAVE”, and now upon the record’s release today, a second video for the UK garage influenced (accidentally, DuhkQunt adds) track “M Havenaar Drip” has now been released.

“It’s something very different that Urethra Franklin has created” DuhkQunt states. “Violence WAVE was this loud, noisy, maximilist video and “M Havenaar Drip” is instead this contemplative, normal video that somehow manages to evoke this existential dread.”

“Why the dread? Because it’s pretty plain considering the last lot of videos that came out.”

Space Communion is out now on all leading digital platforms.

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