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DuhkQunt’s 2021 finishes with the release of the third single from their EP, Space Communion – and amidst the sardonic, tongue-in-cheek nature of the video lays a more serious message.

“It’s called Reuben S; it’s a homage to an incredibly special individual that the music community lost last year” the Leeds-based producer reveals. “He was this incredibly talented, loving guy who used to play some All Ages shows in Auckland. I felt absolutely helpless when I heard we lost him.”

“It’s a very small homage amongst the waves and waves of tributes, love, and emotion that still resonate to this day. It sucks – I still remember talking to him online about video games and music.

“He was a big supporter, believe it or not. It’s easy to believe though because it was Reuben.”

With that in mind, DuhkQunt also would like to draw to everyone’s attention Fibromyalgia Aotearoa New Zealand and FMA UK – its British counterpart.

“I’m married to someone I love who suffered from symptoms of fibromyalgia. I lost someone I love who had to deal with it. I think it is important for everyone to recognize the condition because it is heartbreaking to hear firsthand about.”

On a less serious note, the concept behind the video – once again by Urethra Franklin – was to create a late-night, post-pub video that has a cryptic, hypnogogic element to hypnotize viewers.

“Or, I essentially wanted to make a low-budget Lateralus era Tool video” DuhkQunt admits.

“The music is very chilled out, sort of spacey (…) which was the concept behind Space Communion. I remember coming home from a night out, chucking on Channel 4 which played The Magic Roundabout or a host of other off-kilter shows for that time of the morning.”

“They knew their audience. I don’t know mine, but I know that if I came home and someone popped that on while under the influence of… something… then I’d get lost in the imagery as much as the song itself.”

“Plus, it’s all a heap of free-use videos, chopped and screwed around by Urethra. So it was cheap.”

“Reuben S” is the final single to emerge from what is set to be DuhkQunt’s final EP: having from the outset always imagined his works to be a trilogy, Space Communion is perhaps the jerkwaver’s most accessible work to date.

“I don’t know how to top it. Probably by doing an album in a studio or have stuff mastered properly.”

Space Communion is out now through MUZAI Records.

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