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Death Genesis - Thanatron

If a man is terrified, it's up to me to dispel that terror.”

- Jack Kevorkian.

Death Genesis takes the grotesque and surreal art of controversial euthanasia proponent Jack Kevorkian, with his mini-album Thanatron out now on all leading digital platforms.

While Kevorkian is most commonly known for his right-to-die activism and his first death machine, Thanatron (a literal Greek translation of “death machine”), he also dabbled in oil paintings – full of hellish, otherworldly torments.

Words that have previously been used to describe the Detroit noise artist’s prior releases – be it the eponymous debut or the works under the King Shoji moniker.

Having released the final track of the mini-album, the 20-minute live session “How Excruciating Can Nothingness Be?” as a precursor to Thanatron, this 70-minute work of confrontational and uncompromising power electronics based on Kevorkian's book, Glimmeriqs

Written during Kevorkian's time in prison, his memoir was an eclectic collection of .of songs, poems, essays, and striking paintings giving readers an insight into his world-view.

“His machine dubbed “Thanatron” offered over 100 willing, terminally ill patients who endured excruciating pain daily an end to their suffering, through a quick and painless lethal injection system” P.B discusses, regarding the mini-album’s theme.

“His methods fought against the tyrannical and manipulative United States medical system, one that makes a profit off of patient’s suffering by artificially prolonging their lives.”

“He stood for full autonomy of the human body, and challenged the avoidant and fearful view of death in the USA.”

“[…] an entirely unusual industrialized noise art, and a fine summary of oddity and musical exploration.” - Destroy//Exist.

Thanatron is available now through all leading digital platforms.

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