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Colonel Troutman is an enigma; whether that is intentional due to his background or perhaps a little put off by the idea of people actively engaging him. To be fair, a lot of information we’ve tried to gather from Colonel Troutman has been redacted through official channels.

So we’re at a loss to give you that full, almost voyeuristic at times glimpse into the ins and outs of his debut project, Spotlight On The Mood, out April 23rd 2021 on cassette and digitally.

We’ll try to give you something you can use, however, alongside the release of his debut single, “The Dinosaur Bit.”

Drawing from “dancing music” (drum and bass) and noise rock, “The Dinosaur Bit” manages to convey the overall theme from Colonel Troutman’s debut offering – a no-wave electronic racket that is equal noise-rock as it is industrialized harsh noise.

We’re going to throw in a reference to the digital hardcore movement also, but perhaps something more on the filthy, sludgier side of digital hardcore.

But yeah; noise is the operative term throughout this work and hopefully in any coverage it picks up…

Spotlight On The Mood isn’t without its gimmicks either; asides from the fact the whole EP was recorded in one take, direct to an eight-track with a host of old(ish), antiquated(ish) equipment, some of the lyrics that are intermittent throughout might be familiar to movie buffs.

That’s because they’re paraphrased quotes from Rambo: First Blood. “I had two choices”, Colonel Troutman explained in a rare moment of correspondence, “Rambo: First Blood or Hot Shots! Part Deux.

“I probably made the wrong choice.”

Spotlight On The Mood is out April 23rd 2021 on cassette tape and all digital platforms.

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