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Given music should be fun, rather than a constant voyeuristic look behind the scenes, with Spotlight On The Mood, out today (April 23rd 2021), we’re choosing the latter option on this occasion.

Maybe someday we’ll reveal all about [REDACTED] from [REDACTED], but until then…

There is a duality to Colonel Troutman. On the one hand, here is, to quote Lionel Hutz, “the truth” with a dismissive headshake and then three is “the truth” with a fake smile and over-enthusiastic head nod.

Spotlight On The Mood is a conglomerate of machines; from old Panasonic drum machines to reel-to-reel tapes committing one-take vocals to an 8-track Tascam tape multi-studio.

Those events that took place in an undisclosed location (possibly in the South Pacific) were one-take performances with no overdubbing whatsoever. It’s what Colonel Troutman describes as the “Troutman Mind Meld”, mixed with a recently adopted “Balance of Terror writing style.”

“Although,” Troutman reveals, “you must be extremely careful when you combine the Troutman Mind Meld with the Balance of Terror. It’s very unstable.”

Basing the majority of the lyrical content from ‘80s classic Rambo: First Blood, with the occasional paraphrasing or changing the titular hero’s name to “Salad” may add to the ridiculous nature of the EP – but perhaps it’s a more cleverly devised critique of how overly serious music can get at times.

It was either Rambo: First Blood or Hot Shots! Part Deux. We’re thankful Rambo edged it.

Spotlight On The Mood is an exercise in abstract excesses; be it lyrically, conceptually and/or sonically. It prides itself on being an oddity that sometimes fits the noise-rock archetype, sometimes musique concrete, sometimes digital hardcore.

It’s undoubtedly going to be one of the more polarizing things you may listen to ahead of the British summer holiday circuit. Not one to have on the family drive to Cleethorpes.

Or maybe it’s exactly what is needed to shake those post-lockdown cobwebs?

Spotlight On The Mood” is available on cassette tape and digitally.

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