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A violent display of self-mediation acts as a form of catharsis for Baleful95. Grief, the guitarist/producer’s debut on MUZAI Records, is the unflinching expression of Greg Scott’s inner troubles.

Short, aggressive fits of blackened hardcore punk across six tracks reveal the mental gymnastics that Scott puts himself through; dark weights upon his mind that terrify him.

With Grief, Scott creates an almost tangible means of dealing with those struggles. The EP allows Scott “(…) to come face to face” with the anxiety that has plagued him for over a decade.

But rather than wallow in self-pity, Grief’s emotions are more vitriol, anger, spite – aggressive in nature, noisy not just audibly but inside one’s head with the same thought process that Scott, and many, many more, find themselves with.

Written and recorded entirely by Scott, the relenting EP eschews the notion that “emo music” and “bedroom musician” sometimes imply. Rather than staring forlornly out the window, Grief’s energy instead trashes the room and tries kicking down walls.

Unadulterated, antagonistic rage.

Lead single “Why Are You So Vicious?” exemplifies the repetitive, blunt effect that anxiety has on some people – a vicious, rhythmic blast beat underlining the aggrocore guitar work.

Its explosive nature however does not neglect to provide something to “groove” to, which demonstrates a mordacious spirit at the heart of Baleful95’s frustrations. An utterly caustic, yet energetic, exuberant spirit.

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