Malmo, Sweden

If you were to combine modular synths, ambient electronics and some of the tenets found in the post-rock movement, you’d probably end up with Swedish producer FRIGGEN.

At least, that’s his intention.

A year-long project that started in 2020, Friggen’s music is as much by the landscapes of Laponia where Friggen grew up as it is by the likes of Sigur Ros,Wintergatan and Oskar Schnönning.

Named after the small houses built while Birgit Friggebo was the Minister for Housing back in the ’70s, Friggen’s early life was engrossed in music in this small abode, growing up to study drums in college and blossoming into experiments with a series of synths, upright pianos and trumpets.

Friggen manages to tread along the icy, post-rock path with his music but manages to turn those foundations of the genre that are at times gloomy into an incredibly hopeful, uplifting, optimistic composition.

At its lowest, it’s incredibly earnest. At its highest, the music is heartfelt and moving. But Friggen somehow manages to conjure the feelings of humbleness whatever mood the synths pull him into.