Otūmoetai/Ōtautahi, Aotearoa

It’s a name that rolls off the tongue, they claim, but it also sums up where they are from to a self-admitted tee. 

Prior to forming their two-piece, industrialized post-punk group Tim and Dave played cricket for the same team in the ’80s. During one particular tournament where Tim was bowled for three ducks in a row, Dave told the rest of the team not to talk to Tim. 

Like a lot of good friendships, it was born through hostility. Tim thought Dave was a dick head. Luckily for listeners, they’ve been friends ever since. 

The band had jammed, jammed and jammed some more for a number of years until one night in 2011, they opened for Auckland noiseniks god bows to math at a local show (Mt. Manganui to be precise.) 

It was that night the band “Flogging A Dead One Horse Town” was born. 

The band’s approach to music is still the very same as it was when they first started; locking themselves in a garage with a lot of ideas, a lot of beer and a faithful Tascam 8-Track. If they jam something good, they jam it again and record it.

It’s led to their very large and varied collection of songs. It’s also become the mother of their invention.