Leicester, UK

Dusker Who?

That might be both the best introduction to a press release you’ve read in the past few months, but equally as important it should be a question on many person’s lips. “Who are Dusker, and why have I not checked them out before?”

Based across two counties in England (Leicestershire and West Yorkshire), Dusker formed in 2019 through the amalgamation of a number of prior bands in Leicester’s close-knit DIY scenes.

During these fledging years, the four-piece quickly developed their reputation for raucous, energetic live shows. This didn’t go unnoticed – in the space of a year Dusker have opened for such luminaries as Peaness, Petrol Girls and Kagoule

Their debut EP, recorded at Liquid Tone Productions, was released in late 2019 and looked to marry their varied musical tastes; wide-open, exploratory post-punk accentuated at times with math, noise and post-hardcore embellishments.