Ōtautahi, Aotearoa

Information regarding Colonel Troutman has proved to be difficult to obtain.

The majority of his biography, history and mission have been redacted by international organisations in the interest of public safety.

What is known of Colonel Troutman is as follows:

Voice analysis has discovered that he is of South Pacific origin, however there is no indication as to what part of the South Pacific/Australasia he currently resides in.

He is an industrious individual, having captured his debut release, “Spotlight On The Mood” in a matter of takes on older equipment (Panasonic drum machines, reel-to-reel tapes.)

In the interest of intellectual properties, the overt influence of First Blood has been distilled into mere paraphrasing and the use of the word “Salad” rather than the titular character’s name.

Colonel Troutman creates noise rock with an emphasis on no-wave formulas and musique concrete ideas.

Colonel Troutman